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About Your Mary Kay Business
How much money can I expect to earn as an Independent Business Consultant?

The earning opportunity associated with a Mary Kay business is certainly open-ended; however, it is impossible to guarantee that a particular level of income can be earned. The amount of money you may make as a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant will depend upon many factors, including your personal goals and the amount of time and effort you choose to invest in your business. Many Independent Beauty Consultants operate their businesses on a part-time basis with the goal of meeting short-term financial goals – such as the purchase of holiday gifts for their families, to pay for a family vacation, school clothes or tuition for their children. Meanwhile, others decide to build their Mary Kay businesses to the point at which it becomes possible for them to quit their jobs and pursue their Mary Kay businesses full time. The bottom line is that how much you earn in your Mary Kay business is strictly up to you. So in the words of Mary Kay Ash, “Set your goals and hang on to them until they are a reality. You’ve got to believe it before you will ever see it. Whatever the mind can perceive and believe, you can achieve!”

What are the sales and marketing approaches that will help me most successful in a Mary Kay business?

Mary Kay made it clear that she did not like pushy salespeople. While tenacity and perseverance are certainly important qualities for success in any sales-oriented business, we have found that the most successful Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants approach sales and team-building by consistently applying the Golden Rule, using their own good judgment along with a loving and caring spirit. As a result, when making decisions about your sales and team-building activities, we always recommend that you put yourself in the other person’s shoes, remembering to treat them only as you would want to be treated. As Mary Kay often said, “You have a wealth of influence, and everyone you meet forms an impression of you by your words and actions. So make the Golden Rule your way of life.”

The Mary Kay business opportunity: what does it really take to succeed?

Independent Sales Directors and Independent National Sales Directors talk about living their dreams, and you question just what it takes to get there. You may have heard them talk about the flexibility of a Mary Kay business and how it has enabled them to spend quality time with their families. They can earn such rewards as the use of a Mary Kay Career Car and monetary earnings that perhaps allowed them to give up their full-time jobs. How is it possible to have it all?

Make no mistake: These women have worked very hard to get where they are today. When people hear Mary Kay Ash’s philosophy of “God first, family second, career third,” they may misinterpret what she meant. Keeping one’s priorities in balance doesn’t mean you don’t have to work hard or make sacrifices to be successful. What does set the Mary Kay opportunity apart from a typical corporate job, however, is that you have more flexibility.

How much inventory do I need to purchase as a new Independent Beauty Consultant?

You’ve just purchased your Starter Kit, and now you are wondering how much inventory you should order to get your business started. The first thing to remember is that purchasing inventory is an individual decision – and it’s certainly not a requirement for you to begin your Mary Kay business. We always recommend that you determine what activity level you intend to pursue in your Mary Kay business and then, if appropriate for your personal circumstances, invest in a level of inventory that supports that activity.

As you contemplate your decision, you may want to consider why Mary Kay Ash believed maintaining an appropriate amount of inventory was beneficial. Among other things, Mary Kay always enjoyed the instant gratification and excellent customer service she could provide a customer who wanted her skin care or color cosmetics products on the spot. She knew that doing so could help build a strong customer base and create loyal customers for life.

If you choose to purchase inventory, you can always rest assured that there will be a multitude of Company-published materials available to you that contain excellent sales tips aimed at helping you successfully sell your products. You also have the opportunity to ask other successful independent sales force members, such as your Independent Sales Director, for tips and advice on selling Mary Kay® products. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh viewpoint to help you generate effective strategies for growing your business.

Finally, if you decide that a Mary Kay business is not for you, you can take comfort in knowing that the Company will repurchase, at 90 percent of your original net cost, original and unused Section 1 products, provided such items were purchased by you from the Company within one year prior to return. 

About Mary Kay® Products
Wie oft stellt Mary Kay® neue Produkte vor und welchen Einfluss hat das auf mein Business als selbständige Schönheits-Consultant?

Mary Kay® ist immer auf der Suche nach neuen Produkten, um aktuelle Trends aufzugreifen und die Wettbewerbsfähigkeit zu optimieren. In einer so innovativen Branche wie dem Beauty-Sektor ist es wichtig, regelmäßig neue Produkte einzuführen, die den sich wandelnden Bedürfnissen unserer Kundinnen entsprechen. Dazu gehören Produkte für bestimmte Zielgruppen ebenso wie unsere Basis-Hautpflegeserien. Saisonal erscheinen zudem limitierte Make-up-Farben, die aktuelle Trends widerspiegeln. Unsere Basis-Produktlinien werden alle drei bis fünf Jahre von Grund auf überarbeitet. Von Zeit zu Zeit verändern wir auch unser Verpackungsdesign, um unsere Produkte immer frisch und zeitgemäß zu präsentieren. Die Trends in dieser Branche sind sehr schnelllebig. Ähnlich wie in der Automobil-, der Mode- oder Elektronik-Branche sind potentielle Kundinnen immer auf der Suche nach neuen und innovativen Produkten.

Damit der Lagerbestand unserer selbständigen Schönheits-Consultants immer auf dem neuesten Stand bleibt, werden Veränderungen unserer Basis-Produktlinien frühzeitig angekündigt. Wenn wichtige Veränderungen anstehen, erhalten unsere selbständigen Schönheits-Consultants zudem hilfreiche Tipps zur Verwaltung ihres Lagerbestands.

Zu der Direktvertriebsbranche
Was heißt Direktvertrieb?

Direktvertrieb bietet die Möglichkeit, Produkte oder Services direkt von einer Person an eine andere zu verkaufen, ohne dass dafür ein festes Ladenlokal benötigt wird. Mit einem Direktvertriebs-Business haben Sie die Wahl, ob Sie Ihre Kundinnen in einer persönlichen Gesprächssituation beraten möchten oder sich via Online-Tools, Katalogen oder per Telefon mit ihnen in Verbindung setzen.

Ist Direktvertrieb das Richtige für mich?

Direktvertrieb ist grundsätzlich für jeden geeignet, unabhängig von Alter, Geschlecht oder Einkommen. Dieses Geschäftsmodell passt perfekt zu Menschen, die sich mehr zeitliche Flexibilität und größere Handlungsfreiheit wünschen. Außerdem ist es hilfreich, wenn Sie:  

  • Unternehmergeist besitzen.
  • Gerne mit Menschen zusammenarbeiten.
  • Sich ein weniger strukturiertes Arbeitsumfeld wünschen.
  • Sich gerne etwas dazuverdienen möchten, ohne viel zu investieren.
  • Sich einen Verdienst wünschen, dem nach oben hin keine Grenzen gesetzt sind.
In welchem Verhältnis steht Mary Kay® zum BDD (Bundesverband Direktvertrieb Deutschland e. V.)?

Mary Kay® ist Mitglied im Bundesverband Direktvertrieb Deutschland e. V. (BDD). Der im Jahre 1967 gegründete Bundesverband vertritt als der Spitzenverband des Direktvertriebs in Deutschland die Interessen von Unternehmen, bei denen die persönliche Kundenansprache im Mittelpunkt ihrer Absatzpolitik steht. Zu seinen Aufgaben gehören die positive Positionierung der Vertriebsform in der breiten Öffentlichkeit und die Förderung des selbständigen Vertriebs seiner Mitglieder. Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter www.direktvertrieb.de.

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